Nuumobi Releases a new single, Akua Mansa

Nuumobi Releases a new single, Akua Mansa


Nuumobi Releases a new single, Akua Mansa

January 12th, 2018: Nuumobi has started the year with a high note, releasing his much awaited rap single Akua Mansa. The song is already hitting airwaves in Nigeria and Ghana. While releasing the song, the Ghanaian born New York Based musician and producer said that the song is all about appreciating the woman’s beauty. The song is all about a woman called Akua Mansa, a lady who is very endowed that Nuumobi describes her in the song as the symbol of beauty, a person who is worth being celebrated for the happiness and brightness she brings to the world. The song which has catchy tunes is already proving popular with people of all ages especially the urban youth. With the song, Nuumobi hopes to appreciate all women, for their beauty, celebrate and make them feel good and loved.

Nuumobi, also known as Enoch Allotey is also a producer; rapper and singer who is seeking to promote his music in Nigeria and Ghana, places where his new song is already receiving a good reception. Nuumobi promises his fans a great year ahead, releasing new singles and also planning a tour in the future. With the performance of the new single Nuumobi is upbeat, he says he believes in the song, promising to give more electrifying raps.

Formally known as Ero-D or EroDizzle, Enoch has previously released other singles. In 2009, he released some singles including a remix to Michael Jackson “Who is it?” Digital girl, Paper chasing free style among others. He has also been featured in the Dex kwasi “No long tings” a song from his Album “Nothin be Simple”.

Nuumobi fans describe him as a top rapper, adding that he now ranks among the best rappers in Ghana and Nigeria. Those who have heard his rap before said they could not wait to hear the new single adding that it will be a chart topper in both Nigeria and Ghana as well as spreading far and wide in other parts of the world.

Nuumobi promises to give the fans the best of rap in 2018 and beyond adding that he is now free and has time to promote his new single.

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